Maitry Peace Foundation an Non Government Voluntary Organization was established under the guidance, inspiration and motivation of Late Ven Dhamma Viriyo, MPF has been relentlessly working for community development. Amongst multiple social welfare programmes, Maitry Peace Foundation has been serving the society for peaceful co-existence and keeping friendship within the society.

Maitry Peace Foundation promises to provide Food & Education to each child as it believes that every child is God’s own child. They are very special. They are the future of the nation. A strong childhood leads to a strong backbone of a nation. 

Maitry Peace Foundation continues to run 5 charity destitute homes situated in different parts of Our country.

  • MAITRY PEACE FOUNDATION                      : Mother of all foundation, all activities of society welfare are monitored from here.
  • DHAMMA VIRIYO FOUNDATION                   : Serves orphanage children and plan for their welfare to tag them.
  • ATISH DIPANKAR DESTITUTE HOME          : Another children welfare association where we help children
  • KRIPASARAN BAL BHAVAN                          : Over last 4 decades engaged into children welfare programs
  • KRIPASARAN BUDDHIST MISSION              : Since 1976, there are 4 (four) Destitute Homes which have been established within a span of 44 years in India.


To help and empower the less advantaged children by putting at least 100 street children dropouts to formal schooling system by 2022.


To work for economical, political and socially marginalized communities for their holistic advancement and implementing specific, customized, cost effective, scalable and replicable models for community development


Respect for Human Rights, Commitment, Transparency, Integrity, Excellence, Compassion for all living beings. Our sincere gratitude to Shakun Indra Metal has extended it’s financial support to Housabai Destitute Home. Definitely Shakun Indra Metal is a light house of hope. Let others to come forward voluntarily so that MPF can reach to the shore of their promise.

Our future 5 plans for children of HAUSABAI DESTITUTE HOME, BODHGAYA

  • To rehabilitate 24 destitute children at our new home (a two storied building with 8 rooms).
  • To feed them nutritive food for their physical growth.
  • To arrange regular medical check up along with required vaccination and medicines.
  • To teach them Primary Education, Post Primary Education & to encourage Vocational Training.
  • To train them in sports ,music, painting & sculpture.

Major objective of Maitry Peace Foundation is to bring these children in main stream of our society.


Since the inception of Maitry Peace Foundation, we have been getting a lot of mental support from the social leaders, ministers of both Central & different States and of course the help from the local people. Keeping with a view to drive out the inequality in the community, MPF always dreams a dream to bring the under privileged section into the main stream of the society. Maitry Peace Foundation is determined to a holistical change in the community. Moreover, the part and parcel of one of our activities is to ensure piece in mind to each and every individual whoever is associated with MPF.


For his contributions to the society he received Bharat JyotiAward , Bijiyashree Award and The Rajiv Gandhi Seva Award by Govt, of India. He has traveled extensively to countries like U.K., USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many countries in the Europian Union to Spread the wisdom of Lord Buddha.

At the age of 87 Dhamma Viriyo started the “Dhamma Chetna Yatra” from Sarnath. Hon. Home minister od India Shree Rajnath Singh Ji Showed the Buddhist Flag to Mark the beginning of the yatra and the yatra lasted for 6 months. Dhamma Viriyo covered 240,928 Kms to spread the message of Peace in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Gautam Buddha spent most of his life. More than 100 Buddhist Monks Attend the Yatra for 6 months and held seminars and speeches at various places to show how life could change by seeking solution from the lessons of Buddha.


Dhamma Viriyo foundation is based on the inspiration of His Holiness Dr. Ven. Dhamma Viriyo, his work of spreading peace and kindness within humanity. The foundation was established with the core philosophy of making the society a better place by the principles of Buddhism as shown by Lord Buddha.

The Foundation Kripasharan Buddisrt Mission and Atish Dipankar Destitute Home Founded by Ven Dhamma Viriyo is also a home tomore than 350 Destitute Children and it Focuses on giving a and fulfilling life to them.lt aims to give these children a better future and also looks forward to help more of such unfortunate children and help them shape their lives. The Dhamma Viriyo Foundation Looks after well being of the Kripasharan Buddhist Mission and the Atish Dipankar Destitiute Homes. The Mission is to help to heal 350 destitute children in their 4 destitute homes in India and wishes to work more in thise, direction to help these children grow up to become better people. Vision: The Foundation is providing the orphaned desti tute, outcast, unloved, needy, sick or handicapped Children with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spritual nourishment. The highest level of education possible and a hope for a bright future. Dhamma Viriyo. The foundation was establ ished with the core
phillosophy of making the society a better place by the principles of Buddhism as shown by Lord Buddha. Dhamma Viriyo Foundation believes society will be a better place if we practiced Ahimsa as taught by Buddha. The Foundation has cont ributed greatly to the society though it’s multiple destitute homesand Buddhist Temples. The Foundation Kripasharan Buddhist Mission and Atish Dipankar Destitute Home Founded by Ven Dhamma Viriyo is also a home to more rhan 350 Destitute Children and it focuses on giving a better and fulfilling life to them. It aims to give these children a better future and also looks forward to help more of such unfortunate Children and help them shape their lives.


Dhamma Viriyo was a Little boy of 12 in Myanmar (Formerly known as Burma) Under British Regime when Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was visiting Mayanmar. Dr. Ambedkar had asked Dhamma Viriyo to visit India to learn Buddhism and spread the wisdom of Buddhism to the world. Dhamma Viriyo visited India and started exploring Buddhism. Dr. Dhamma Viriyo was the Sangha Nayak (Cheif Buddhist Order of Theravada Bussdism in India) for “All India Bhikshu Sangha”. He Played a Key Role in Merging Sikkim with india in 1975 which was Independent Country untill then. In 1976 under the regime of Kazi Lhendup Dorjee (The First Cheif Minister of Sikkim), Dr. Dhamma Viriyo founded Kripasharan Buddhist Mission in Sikkim ad the land was donated by Kazi Lhendup Dorjee who was also one of the founding members of the Mission. Presently Kripasharan Buddhist Mission has 4 Branches in India and runs 4 Destitute Home which is a home to about 350 Children .

Over so many years Dhamma Viriyo has major roles in various positions in the Govt, and otherwise. He was a member of the National Commission for Minorities, Govt, of India.Was also a Member of the Tribal Marketing Co-Operative Federation (TRIFED) Govt, of India.Was a Hon. Member of Parliament of India (He is also Credited for being the only Buddhist MP till date) Functioned as the founding Member of Dr. Ambedkar Central University Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.

Board Member of Navanalanda Deen University.