We do not solicit donations. We meet our needs through our actions and with the assistance of the government.
We do not solicit donations. We meet our needs through our actions and with the assistance of the government.

International Buddha Peace Award (I.B.P.A)

The International Buddha Peace Award was founded on January 4th, 2009, and it serves as a lighthouse of acknowledgement for people who have made extraordinary efforts to promote peace both inside and outside of their communities. Inspired by the ageless teachings of Buddha, our mission is based on the values of compassion, understanding, and non-violence.

Since 2009, we have recognized peacebuilders all throughout the world—both well-known individuals and common people—who promote harmony and work to end wars. Come celebrate with us their significant contributions to world peace.

International Buddha Peace Award

Atish Dipankar Destitute Home

We Don’t Ask For any Donation. We do not solicit donations. We meet our needs through our actions and with the assistance of the government. At our home, we provide more than just shelter; we offer a nurturing environment where children receive quality education, healthcare, and the support needed to rebuild their lives. Committed to empowerment, we focus on fostering resilience and instilling a sense of purpose, guiding each child towards a brighter future.

It’s not just a shelter; it’s a sanctuary where resilience is forged, dreams are rekindled, and lives are rewritten. I invite each one of you to consider being a part of this remarkable journey. Being a part of our destitute home means being a beacon of hope for those who have known little else. It means becoming a catalyst for change and contributing to a narrative of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Upcoming Award

International Buddha Peace Shimla

The International Buddha Peace Award is a historic event that honors and recognizes people who have devoted their life to the admirable goal of promoting peace throughout the world. The Maitry Peace Foundation is pleased to announce the award. Taking place in front of the stunning Governor House in Shimla, this distinguished occasion represents a critical turning point in our shared quest to promote peace, understanding, and compassion on a worldwide basis. We look forward to coming together with like-minded people from all across the world to honor these remarkable peacemakers, all while maintaining a strong commitment to promoting peace and togetherness.

The International Buddha Peace Award event is set against the stunning background of Shimla’s Himalayas and will underscore the significant influence of peace leaders. From common people to powerful personalities, these awardees exemplify the teachings of the Buddha, igniting hope throughout the world. As we honor their accomplishments, let’s reaffirm our dedication to harmony and peace.

International Buddha Peace Awardee

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Nominate Now

Make suggestions for people to get the International Buddha Peace Award! We are looking for people who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to world peace. Come celebrate their impact, from leaders to grassroots activists. Come celebrate with us these unsung heroes and their contributions to a world at peace.

Hurry! The International Buddha Peace Award nomination period for the Shimla event ends will end soon. Seize the opportunity to pay tribute to people who are committed to world peace. Nominate them now and come celebrate with us in Shimla as we honor their significant achievements to a world with greater harmony, whether they are well-known figures or grassroots campaigners.

A Few Words From The Honored Guest & Recipient