About Master Karma Tanpai

We do not solicit donations. We meet our needs through our actions and with the assistance of the government.
We do not solicit donations. We meet our needs through our actions and with the assistance of the government.

The Life story Of Master Karma Tanpai

With auspicious signs of bringing peace and unity to the world, Acharya Guru Karma Tanpai Gyaltshen Rinpoche was born in Tibet at the sacred Mountain Kailash, the Hidden Divine Palace of the Almighty God Shiva Narayan and Goddess Uma Devi.

When Master was six years old, his devoted parents took him on a pilgrimage to Nepal, the country where Lord Buddha was born. There, he was taught valuable religious lessons and given significant empowerment by the first Drubsing Rinpoche, the Lord of Dharma, and numerous other distinguished teachers. Master then became a citizen of the stunning country of Nepal.

In 1969, at young age, Master went to join the renown Sanskrit University in Varanasi, great India, where he spent ten years studying Buddhist, Hindu and other divine religious philosophies and teachings.

“Thanks to the incredibly kind and generous sponsorship of the greatest India, home of all religions and believers, I have been given the greatest opportunity to study there and earn the degree of Acharya (Master of Philosophy) in 1979,” stated the Master. I will always be indebted to great India and all of my enlightened gurus for their unwavering love and divine wisdom, which have enabled me to dedicate my life to serving Mother Earth and safeguarding all people by motivating everyone to work toward the unification of all world religions into a single, global heart of love and peace.”

Then, under the supreme guidance of His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa and His Eminence Bokar Rinpoche as retreat Master, Master joined the traditional three-year, three-month retreat for intensive meditation practice of enlightenment and another one-year retreat practicing Hevajra and Kalachakra with sixteen exceptional students in the retreat center located above Rumtek monastery in Sikkim, India. Then he attained the status of a true Master of Enlightenment and Meditation.

Since 1984, Master has received numerous invitations to travel to various Western nations to impart to his students the divine knowledge of enlightenment as well as the method for cultivating a universally loving heart and perpetual peace and harmony. Above all, the Master uses them all to safeguard the planet and all sentient beings.

After meeting with very generous and kind friends and rich students in Singapore, Malaysia, great Indonesia, Hong Kong and beautiful Thailand, founded in 1990 and began to build the Royal White Monastery and Institute of Religious Studies in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Royal White Monastery is one of the most advanced monasteries in Nepal and continuously provides free accommodation, food and religious instruction to hundreds of old and young monks and nuns (most of them from the poorest and most disadvantaged backgrounds of society) . In addition to caring for the monks and nuns of the monastery, the masters support the elderly and the poor in need. Heals welcomes and invites friends and students from all over the world to visit and stay at the monastery. The Royal White Monastery is a haven for religious students, meditators, and friends, regardless of their culture and religious background, where they can enjoy exceptional hospitality with the master’s crystal clear teachings and true guidance.


His Action and Teachings

Through his actions the Master exemplifies the most humane and selfless love for all living beings; through his teachings he encourages everyone to get rid of anger, selfishness and negative emotions; and develop loving compassion by practicing tolerance and forgiveness; and finally to cultivate a universal loving heart and wisdom of enlightenment. The Master strongly emphasizes that religious practice must focus purely and selflessly on the liberation and service of all sentient beings and remain free from politics and business. Most importantly, he emphasizes the unity of all religions and humanity, showing the essence of all religions, and calls on everyone to help the world find universal lasting peace and liberation and protect all people.

For Master Karma Tanpai Gyaltshen

We are planning an event in honor of Master Karma Tanpai Gyaltshen in order to remember our beloved master and to carry on His ideas and legacy. It is going to be held on the 6th of January in the Republic of Embassy of the public of the Unioun of Myanmar New Delhi. in the auditorium hall of the Myanmar Embassy